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sexiest man of the year

damn right

Kinda reminds me of Tigger.

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Watch ""I will be the first man to kiss you" -Tom Hiddle…" on YouTube

"I will be the first man to kiss you" -Tom Hiddle…:

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Found this photo for you on Tumblr

I also think that Sherlock has been one step behind Magnusson and he’s failed John by failing Mary. Ever since Mycroft rescued Sherlock he’s been trying to assimilate back into his old life. But his old life is different now. Everyone else moved on. Sherlock is now sort of where John was in the first episode…a bit lost, trying to get a grasp on things and I’d venture to say suffering at least a little bit from PTSD from his time of being tortured and the hyper vigilance he felt was needed to keep his friends safe. John had his limp. Sherlock has his hand tremor.

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When an actor stumbles into their fandom on Tumblr:


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                   Some random Lucas North gifs
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June 14, 2014

Trooping the Colour 2014 - Full HD Version

Annual military spectacle from Horse Guards in London, to mark the monarch’s official birthday.

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Desperately unspoken